The Ultimate Brain-Jar Battle Simulator

The Future. Humans have pretty much destroyed the Earth after decades of their petty warfare. Only two major factions remain -- the traditionalists, and the futurists -- and the only territory that’s worth fighting for anymore is the un-polluted surface of the Moon!

After untold years of research and development, both factions came to the same conclusion: the cheapest way to send soldiers to the Moon is to extract their brains from their bodies, insert them into robotic “jars,” and then blast them into space! Thus began the “Jar Wars”!

Armed with practically every weapon and gadget ever invented by humanity -- boxing gloves, rocket launchers, holo-swords, and energy shields -- these brains battle on the Moon to capture territory, prove their dominance, and lay waste to their foes!

Grab a group of friends and jump into arenas full of funky weapons and hilarious game modes to see who can be the last brain standing!


Here's our latest trailer for Jar Wars!

Here the 2v2 tournament we held at Fantastic Arcade 2017!


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